Quilts, Quilts, Quilts

141007_5After returning from our trip to Israel, we have had the privilege of having Todd Morehead as our speaker. He is a surfer/film maker who works for Walking on Water Ministries! From a young age, he has had a heart for Israel, and he is using his passion for surfing as a gateway to sharing the gospel with the Israeli people. He directed a documentary movie called “Promised Land” that followed some of his time in Israel, meeting different Jewish and Arab surfers. As the week continued, we learned more about the history of Judaism and how us, as Christians, have been grafted into the story of God’s People. We appreciated his knowledge about Israel, and the insight he gave us will help us know how to show Jesus’ love to our Jewish friends. Throughout the course of our year in Joshua, we have learned a significant amount about the Jewish foundation that our faith stands on. After our trip to Israel, we have a better understanding of Israel as whole, and now we see even more of an importance of how God has used the Jewish people and Israel over the course of history.

This week we have been working on our end of the year quilt! At the end of each Joshua year, the class puts together a quilt full of memories from the year. Each quilt square has significant moments from trips, or inside jokes that have happened, or really anything that God has taught our class, whether big or small. We have about 25-30 quilt squares that we are working hard on to have finished by the time we move out of the building, on May 7th. While we’re making the squares, it’s been impactful to look back on fun memories and moments that have shaped who we are as a community. This quilt will hang in the Joshua building, along with many other quilts from year’s past after we leave. It will carry on our legacy, and it will be fun to come back to Joshua some day and be reminded again of all of the growth and lessons we have learned this year. It’s crazy how fast this year has flown by, and we are trying to soak up every moment have left!

Dallas Wuest and Chloe Smallwood #Room201


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