Back in the Building!

Well here we are, nearly seven months after we started Joshua, with less than two weeks left in the building. We have been dealing with some jet lag from Israel, but that has been helpful in getting us up early. We got to have the weekend off, to rest and work on homework. Since it was the mother daughter retreat, some of us girls went to chapel over the weekend. Lisa Chan was the speaker, and her daughters led worship. What a privilege it was to sit under her teaching! On Monday, it snowed, which was a surprise to us all. We liked the snow for a while, but it seems that we are all ready for warm weather. Thankfully, though, the lake continues to fill, and it is pretty much all the way full now. Also on Monday, we started working on our quilt! Every year, the Joshua class makes a large quilt, full of squares about our year. So, the quilt lady arrived this weekend, and we started working on our quilt on Monday. We designed squares either individually or in a group, and we are now all working on cutting out fabric for our squares. It’s already proving to be a lot of tedious work, but we know it will be worth it, and we are looking forward to seeing the finished product of our labors. Beth, the quilt lady, definitely does most of the work, and she will be working constantly on it for a while. We are thankful for Beth!

Our speaker this week is Todd Morehead. He is a surfer, who has had some unique experiences in ministry because of his surfing. He directed a movie called, “Promised Land,” which we got to watch last night, and it is a mixture of surfing and history and current times in Israel. It’s cool to have him as a speaker after having gone to Israel ourselves, because normally he speaks at the beginning of the year, before we’ve gone to Israel. We’re excited to hear what he has for us this week. As things are winding down here, we find ourselves facing quite a bit of homework and packing to do. We have one more test, a couple papers, and some other reflective papers to write. What with working on the quilt, going to class and all the regular Joshua life, we are pretty busy! There will probably be some late nights as we finish up. We really want to finish strong, so prayers for good attitudes and faithfulness in the little things would be appreciated! Also, all of the posts and information on our Israel trip is still up, so if you want to watch videos, look at pictures or read posts from the trip, just check on That’s all for now!

Karis, Cassidy, Gavin and Matt


Below is a podcast that was recorded on our last day in Israel. Hear from Austin, Lindsey, and Kenna about some of their highlights from the trip!


Also, Israel photos have been posted on our photoblog. Check them out here!


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