All the Things before We Leave the Building – Today!

Hello people at home, reporting live from Joshua with some exciting news, we leave for Israel in less than 24 hours! Preparations include studying for Philippians, packing for our adventure to the Holy Land, and just relaxing in the sun that has decided to come out to warm us up right before we leave. Rich has been so nice to us and has decided to give us the opportunity to pass Philippians before we leave for Israel, so that there won’t be a burden of the test throughout the trip. Some of us have taken this chance and are happy to be done with Philippians. The test is tomorrow, so please be praying for us; giving us wisdom and patience.   Little green laminated papers are all over the building as we read this small book over and over again.

Some of us have not even started packing yet. This is probably not too wise, as we will have to hurry as we throw our things into our bags. Our shorts, sun hats, boots and, as always, our crew neck t-shirts will fill over 48 bags and be thrown into the box van. Hopefully we will be able to stop before the plane ride and take a quick shopping break to purchase the last few items we have yet to get.

The sun this week has been beautiful. It has finally felt like spring up on top of this mountain. The lawn out-side has been covered with sleeping people with blankets spread out, and during meals most of us have been eating outside. Some of us have been motivated to run around camp and get some exercise. Under the sun has been quite a lovely place to read, study Philippians, or work on our quilt squares. Oh, yeah! The quilt squares. They are coming along very nicely. Many have been finished and they all look great. We have to be completed with them before we leave. They all have to go through the staff’s eyes for approval, so they need time to pick the best ones and weed out the ones that can be taken as inappropriate. There is no need to worry though; the class of 2015-16 will have the best looking quilt yet.

If you care to look on the webcam or you already have you will see that the lake has finally started filling, and it is filling fast! Over the weekend when we were working we could still see land in the lake but on Tuesday when some of us went down, it was looking like the lake we all know and love again! With the beautiful lake filling up, this also means that soon enough our water restriction will be lifted, this might mean longer showers! The warmer water really helps the lake and our souls become alive again!

We finished watching Masada, the mini-series, getting us ready to hike to the fortress. I must say I’m saddened to say that it’s over. I’m going to miss those amazing, well thought-out fight sequences. Watching Masada has only made my excitement to visit the Holy Land become bigger and bigger! Not only Masada, but also our speaker John Cook has got all of us here at Joshua more pumped as well. He talked a lot about the Middle East and how God is moving throughout it, which is absolutely uplifting to hear. He talked about terrorist groups, like ISIS, and how because of the horror they promote, many in the Middle East have come to know Jesus Christ as Savior. It was just an absolute blessing to hear about the work he and his wife, Dee, do for the kingdom of God.

Well we’ve got to get back to packing for our trip! Friends and family, as we head out, keep us in your thoughts and prayers just as you will be in ours! Shalom!

Love Hayley Bowers, Logan Carnation, Grant Whitehead and Christopher De La Rosa!

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