Summer in Full Swing

Hey Everyone,
We are well on our way into Hume Lake 2015 Summer Camps and Joshua students are out there applying their studies to camp ministry. Looking back on the academic year, we remember trips like Hartland and Mexico where we learned how to work with Christ-like attitudes, loving people through the smallest acts of service. Thousands of campers are arriving at Hume each week who come from different backgrounds and have different life stories. We are remembering our trip to Los Angeles and how to be bold in sharing our faith with the people we encounter each day. In Dominican Republic we learned how to look upon others with compassion and understanding. And when our conversations with campers and fellow staff land on Biblical topics, we can share our experience in the Holy Land to remind ourselves and assure others that our Bible really is a source of truth and life. Summer for Joshua students is the final test and the playing field to find out what they have learned all year. They have studied theology and biblical studies and have experience short term mission trips and now is the opportunity to apply this all to real life situations. The Joshua staff have been really excited to walk through this transition time with our students and continue to see God working in all of our lives this summer!





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