Final Week

Hey Everyone. This is Elias. This is the very last week of Joshua while living in the building.  These past year has been quite an experience, through discovering our brokenness and having hard, real conversations, a lot of change has taken place.  Most of us are very excited to move out, but at the exact same time we are almost sad at the fact that we will never have this experience again.  We have made my best friends up here.  At the same time,learning to live with 56 other people this year has been a huge challenge and test of character.  Through it all, I have learned how to deal with people-the people that you love and the people that you have a hard time with.  To end our last week, we’ve had our favorite meals made by Kelsey.  Our speaker this week, Jim Cook, has rocked our outlook on life.

This monday we got a brick wall of truth about summer: where we’re going to be living and what our housing looks like, the good, bad and the ugly.  It will be a crazy experience seeing what Hume Lake summer ministries looks like from the staff side. Just like Bob Plouffe said, we can use our work experience from the past 9 months either for good or bad, and just understanding the responsibility as a Joshua student who has been living up here for the past year to welcome others into the community and use our experience for good and to help others feel the love and joy of Jesus.


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