Returning from Israel

IMG_1524 2Shalom friends and family

After early wake up calls, two plane rides, and a bit of time traveling, we have finally made it back safely to Hume. This was way more than what we could have expected, the best information overload there was. As a class, we got to experience one of the most impactful trips as we had the opportunity and privilege to watch the Bible come to life.

It was amazing to be in the same places where Jesus walked, talked and preformed miracles. Going to Israel, we expected to have this trip change us, to have a “life-altering moment”, but really this trip taught us that the places don’t make us any more spiritual, it just give us imagery to the word of God.

One main thing our class took from this trip was that we cannot be a Dead Sea; when poured into, we must pour back out. Our work to serve Jesus and learn more about His love is always right now and ahead of us. Visiting the Holy Land will forever be a reference point for our forward movement towards this goal.

As we settle back into regular Joshua life, please keep us in your prayers as our year here is winding down. Pray that we finish strong, not checking out before the year is over. Pray that as summer comes, we are able to pour into others. And finally, pray that as we are getting ready to head back into “real world life” that God would give us discernment and let us know His will for us.

Thanks for all your prayers and support!

Love Annie and Cassie!


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