Building Wrap Up and Quilt Squares

After two incredible weeks in Israel and smooth traveling, we spent our first day home struggling to stay up until 9 pm to try to beat jet lag. Staying up until 9 when it feels like 3am at dinnertime makes for some interesting times in the Joshua building. We spent the weekend working, which wasn’t too bad, and it is one of our last work weekends until we start our summer jobs. It snowed this weekend too, which is always cool.

IMG_3268With only two more weeks in the building, we have so much to get done, but it’s still a pretty relaxing week compared to a normal Joshua week. Instead of working on classes and studying Philippians, we are now putting together the long awaited quilt as well as finishing up some end-of-the-year projects. The class quilt is a Joshua tradition that goes back to the beginning. There are now 15 class quilts made of individualized squares put together by the students. So we have been working hard on our squares to tell memories, jokes, and significant spiritual moments we have had throughout the year.

The reality of us leaving in two weeks is setting in and it is bitter-sweet. We are excited for summer but we are sad to move from regular Joshua life in the building. We can’t believe the year is almost over!


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