Summer Is Flying By!

Greetings from Hume Lake Summer Staff!

It felt like yesterday when we were all sitting in the Great Room talking about our summer bucket lists and how much we are looking forward to our first summer at Hume. We thought that summer could not come fast enough and we eagerly anticipated Summer Orientation Week. And then, orientation happened, week one flew by and now we are starting off week seven! Wow. Summer life goes by incredibly fast!

As building life was coming to a close, there were many conversations about what our summer life was going to look like. What was Jesus going to teach us? How were we going to live out the Sh’ma? How do we build community with other summer staffers? There were a lot of ‘how’s’ and ‘what if’s’ and we were told by others to love well and move forward. And that is exactly what we did… and are currently trying to do.

All 52 of us are spread throughout the entire camp— anywhere and everywhere from the Snack Shop, to Support Services to Food Service. It has been hard not seeing our family together all the time, but it has been an adventure nonetheless. It truly has been great to see how each of us are being stretched and challenged in our individual positions. Ultimately, each one of us are all trying to live out the Sh’ma this summer, but each one of us can tell you a different story about how the Sh’ma is playing out in our roles.

“This summer, I have experienced humbleness, grace and acceptance in a new way, as well as learning more about what it means to love others with the love of Jesus.” –Mieka, Night SS

“I’ve been learning a lot about what it means to be a light even when I feel like I’m walking in the dark. Jesus is the light in me and it is my job to let him shine through me.” — Lindsey, Meadow Host

“Sounds so simple but this summer, God has been teaching me how and what it means to love me neighbor as myself.” — Tee, Meadow Kitchen Cook

“I’ve been learning about boundaries this summer. Boundaries in work, with friendships and with devos.” — Zack, Snack Shop Lead

This summer has been filled with fun, great milkshakes and amazing conversations. There are still some items on a few bucket lists that need to be taken care of, but we still have 3 weeks for that!


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