Israel to the Last Week in the Building!

One of my favorite parts of Israel was when we were in Tabgha and Dewey spoke as he was Peter himself. It was very impactful and gave me a different interpretation of Peter and his relationship with Jesus. It was mind blowing to hear how peter denied Jesus two times and disowned him once yet Jesus still wanted him and gave him chance after chance. It wasn’t anything I haven’t heard before but the way Dewey presented it really impacted me in a whole new way. I finally came to the realization that I can never screw up enough that Jesus wont want me anymore. I’m the child of the King and he will always want bad love me. – Lindsey

This week we have to write 3 week in reviews; one about our spring break, one about our trip to israel and one about our final thoughts about living in the building. We also have our grill paper due, which is a paper from questions we’ve asked all our speakers through out this year. On Friday we also have a Pauline epistle test and have to have to those who come after done, which is a book of advice for following classes.

Like Lindsey, my favorite place was also Tabgha. The funny part about that is that I have never heard of Tabgha before this trip, but its actually the place that peter and his brothers tended to go out fishing. We heard the story from Dewey (acting out as peter) about his story and how Jesus called him back to discipleship even after He had denied Christ twice and disowned him on the last time. The story picks up on tabgha after Jesus was raised from the dead. Jesus came to peter as he was fishing and told him to throw the net onto the other side of the boat just like he had when he first called him to be a follower of Christ. Jesus then asks him the question whether peter loves him 3 times. But it turns out that the third time he asks its actually a different question. Jesus is asking peter if he loves him with agape (unconditional) love. Peter answers that he loves jesus but with phileo (friendly) love. The third time the question is asked Jesus instead of asking if peter loves him unconditionally asks peter if he even loves him as a friend. Peter responds yes, and essentially I just see this as Jesus meeting peter where he was at. And shows grace to peter as he asks him to be a pastor and disciple even though you would expect after peter failed that he should have to start over. Instead, Jesus is always waiting for us, and is only looking for what we are going to do in the future, not what we did in our past. – Conner

Hey, it’s Shelby! We have had a crazy few weeks, and this week promises to be even more insane. Israel was awesome! So many things had an impact on me. The most impactful location for me was Galilee. The Sea of Galilee was so beautiful. The water was perfect. Sunsets over the sea were breathtaking. From the first few minutes of settling at our hotel, the beauty alone moved me. In addition to the beauty, I have always seen God in the ocean, water, and waves. Even more than that, it began to sink in that Jesus, my God in human form, spent a lot of time in that area, and even walked on that body of water. He performed many of His miracles in the region of Galilee and He is clearly performing miracles there to this day. What He did there for me was definitely amazing. The most impactful moments for me took place in the area of Galilee. What I want to take away from Galilee, and from the trip as a whole, is something that has already been on my mind throughout this year. “Trust in God in all circumstances.” When I feel like I’m drowning, I need to call on His name and trust Him to rescue me. I am bound to go through hard times. Life won’t be easy, but God is sovereign. He knows what is best. I belong to Him.

Hey what up! This is Jacob! I’m to tell you about my recent trip in Israel! One of my favorite things I did while there was when I was baptized in the Jordan river. It was just so awesome to be baptized in front of one of my Joshua community. Who, now have witnessed me declare my life to Christ and can hold me accountable to what I have vowed. I can visualize and remember what Rich and Graham said which was so uplifting and encouraging to me. Having my men community welcome me back with open arms and prayer really changed me. Throughout the year there have been parts where I haven’t felt part of the community or at least valued. Now from then on, that really cured a lot of bitterness in my heart and made me feel new again. Also, among other things, God really used this event to help me grow and break off some personal struggles I have had.


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