It’s the LAST WEEK!! the building

Hello everyone!

This is our last week that we have as a class in the building. Not to mention that we just finished our last Corinthians test and had our last Old Testament Survey class with Jason Knott.  On Monday Rich taught our last Israel Prep class, in which he answered any questions that we had from Israel. We also just finished our last work weekend for retreats.

We started taking everything down in the building that belongs to Joshua so that Hume can flip this building into a hotel for summer. It was weird watching everything get taken down. The building looks less personalized to our class. To match all of our solemn attitudes it started raining up here yesterday.

Beth the lady who comes up here every year to do the Joshua quilt is putting the final touches onto our quilt.  This week we have all of the pastors from First Baptist Lakewood Church in Long Beach up speaking. They are here to help us finish out our year and tie up all of the loose ends from all of the information that we have gathered. We are especially excited to have Trent Lewis, Darin McWaters, and Brent Eldridge back for a second run.

Tomorrow we get to move some of our things into main camp to our summer housing. It is bittersweet leaving the building and having the ability to walk out of our rooms to everyone laughing and building community. Yet we know that God has plans for all of our lives.

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Lindsay Andrews, Jordan Smith, Sharon Kersbergen, Taylor Chesney, Luke Scianna, and Antonio Thompson


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  1. David Bourbinay says:

    Hold a second while I go back to work and grab my electron microscope so that I read the last few sentences. :-)

  2. Jjlm Ford says:

    Praying for a blessed transition to Hume camp and an amazing summer ahead! Be sure to keep your eyes, hearts, and minds open to God's blessings at every turn.
    Thanks for sharing all you have through these regular blog entries. I have enjoyed reading them to keep up with life at JWI. What an adventure it has been for you all.
    Smiling for you,

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