It’s the Final Thursday Blog!

We are quite honored to have the opportunity to write the blog today on this week of lasts. Today is our last true day in the building, we’ve had our last speaker, our last meeting in the classroom, we’ve had our last girls and guy night, and sadly, we’ve had our last bread bowl day. Rooms are being emptied and our new ones down at main camp are being filled as we start our moving out process. Our classes are finished, we’ve taken our final tests and reality is setting in.

This week has been a whirlwind, but it’s been an encouragement to all of us thanks to the staff at First Baptist Lakewood. Brent, Trent, Darrin, Dave, and Jeff came up this week to and took the time to share with us, where and how we can enter into the “real world” again now that Joshua is ending. We were given helpful instructions for finding mentors and learning to be a mentor, for getting plugged in to service opportunities and for the importance of finding community once we leave here because we can’t live life on our own ability. Each day, one of the staff member’s would teach on their area of expertise, per say, and afterwards all five of them would sit at the front and let us ask questions, so that we could gain a wide range of perspectives and answers. It was most certainly a huge blessing to have them pouring into us on our last week in the building.

We leave for Heartland again tomorrow, so keep us in your prayers as we try to finish out the year strong. It’s been a challenging week for most of us, we’re tired and we’re becoming emotionally and physically drained, if we aren’t already. It’s been stressful, and we’ve been slipping and we’ve started checking out mentally; we’re being tested right now and it’s most certainly showing. Yesterday, as a few of us got together in a small group for book discussion we found that all we could do was spend a half hour together in prayer because our minds we’re too overwhelmed by the trials this week has brought upon us. So please, pray for us as we go back to Heartland, that we would have joyful spirits and that we’d be ready to work and give 200%! We want to end this year on a high note and remember that the real test is just around the corner as we work here this summer with many of the upcoming Joshua students. We hope to minister to them this summer and set them up with a positive outlook for their upcoming year here, in this building, in these rooms, 5 out of the 7 members of this year’s amazing staff, who have committed to another year of leading this program.


Tonight is our official last Pause family event for the year. Every pause family is meeting in Cedar Chapel tonight to get together for the Night of Remembrance. For the past few weeks each Pause family has been working on a way to help the class remember each part of Joshua, from videos to skits, to songs and other craziness the Pause families are getting ready to perform tonight and hopefully bring up some wonderful memories and challenges from this year. I think I foresee some tears in our future, starting tonight and continuing until after we graduate together this summer. It’s going to be an interesting night, and a fast summer but we’re going to make the most of it!

Signing off one last time from the Thursday blog,



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  1. Jjlm Ford says:

    It has been so great to follow the blog. Thanks for all of your writing efforts. Like other parents, I am counting down the days until your break when I can see Lainie. (Yeah!) Praying the transition to summer life at Hume camp goes smoothly for you all. Remember to look for God's blessings and make the most of these next few months.

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