Final Blog in the Building

Hey there Readers,

So here it is, the final blog written in our building for the academic year! It is so crazy how quickly this year went by, but it has been an awesome experience. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we really saw God this year and have been changed through the trials, classes, fun, laughs and relationships we have made this year.

I am going to go back a few days to our last Hartland trip. So when we started the year this was one of our first trips and we all really had no idea what we were doing. All we knew is that we were working hard and wanted to impress each other. It was still a very fun trip and essential to our year, but going back this time was so different and both trips were great. This time we only went for two days and we worked to help get the camp ready for their summer season. At night we would debrief a little bit about the past and future. Our first night we got a little nostalgic and reminisced over the previous part of the year and saw how much growth has really occurred this year. It was an awesome night of being together and getting to say some things we might not have had a chance to otherwise and hearing the encouragement and love resonating through our community was awesome. The second night we talked about the future. We broke up in to our job sites that we will be working in for summer and talked about how we are going to be intentional this summer and what we want our workplaces to look like. We prayed over our workers and bosses and had a great time fellowshipping. We also found out that night what our rules would look like over break. We found out that we are able to listen to music without headphones, we can movies with our families or with three other Joshua students present, and if you are in a relationship, you are now allowed to be “even” with your significant other.

When we got back from Hartland we deep cleaned our building and started on cleaning our rooms for move out. There was an awesome BBQ/Grill for dinner on Sunday night where the whole Hume community came out and had a great time eating good food and hanging out before the start of the summer season.

It is now Monday and it is move out day. I am writing this in a pretty much empty building and a lot of people have began to head home. For me personally it is a little rough and emotional, but it has been such a great year. I’m not upset about moving out but more grateful for these people God gave me for these past months and it has been such a blessing to live with them and do life together. Seeing cars packed and leaving is sad, but I know we will be reunited in ten days and I am glad that some tears have been shed because I know we have all loved each other and loved deeply. I am excited for what the summer has for all of us, and even though change is to come, God has us in His hands and this is all a part of His glorious plan. I pray for everyone to have safe travels as they head home and that God would keep them and protect them.

Just to wrap this all up for our time in the building I would love to thank all of you for walking through us and helping us. Parents, friends, family, loved ones; we would not have been able to do it without you supporting in so many different ways. I thank my community for loving me and God has done such a big work in my life this year through them and they have been such a blessing to me and I can say at Joshua Wilderness Institute is where I found my faith and a relationship with God and the staff, students, speakers, and everyone up here and back home have all impacted me so much this year and shown me what it is to have a relationship with God and what it means for my identity to be found in Jesus Christ.

Once again, thank you so much and we look forward to summer and graduation shortly after.

I thank all of our wonderful staff who have been so amazing to us this year and God has been too gracious to us to give us Rich, Jen, Chad, Brett, Jenae, and Jenna who have been here living life with us and just being the amazing people God created them to be. I look forward to the future and relationships we will have and I am excited for the friendships we all have.

May the Lord bless and keep everyone.


Tyler Henry

Room 209


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  1. Jjlm Ford says:

    Farewell to the building. Hello to Hume Camp. Enjoy the new adventure and God's many blessings.
    -Julie (Lainie's mom).

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