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Only two weeks left in the building! This year went by so incredibly fast. These last two weeks we will be finishing up our classes, putting together our quilt square, and watching The Bible TV series! Yep, that’s right we will be watching TV for the first time all year. Speaking of TV, we had the privilege of watching Les Miserables last night. If I could sing every word I said for the rest of my life, I would. Les Mis is an incredible story about the beginning of the French Revolution with an underlying theme of grace, which has been a theme throughout this year. We’ve been learning the importance of not only giving grace, but also receiving grace in return.  If you have yet to see this movie, we would highly recommend it because you probably aren’t in Joshua and can watch movies whenever, so take advantage of it! We unfortunately do not have a speaker this week, which is why we will be watching The Bible series. It’s been great to be able to take a break from technology this year, but after watching Les Mis, I’m excited to catch up on what I’ve missed.

Monday morning we had guy/girl time. As guys we hiked up to Inspiration Point, which overlooks Kings Canyon, and went over what spiritual gifts each one of us has. This was very encouraging and uplifting to learn what others see in you. Knowing your spiritual gift is definitely important in your Christian walk to be able to serve others.

The girls hiked out towards the Wagon train camp and got to have devotional time in the middle of God’s beautiful creation, simply reflecting on the year and how God has worked in each of us. Afterwards we each added a statement of what we wanted to take from the year to a giant canvas, and added the completed artwork to the art gallery in the forest. The gallery was really cool to visit, and in the different pieces of artwork hung there you could see the artist’s expression of different things they were passionate about and different things God has taught them.




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  1. Jjlm Ford says:

    Wow! I would not have guessed Les Miserables would be your first official break into films! It is full of grace though so that does make sense. I can imagine the singing bug could be catching and an increase in it might be going on in the building. Any operatic boy bands yet? Should "The Voice" be called for individual talents? How great that you had your separate group times together to reflect as your time in the building comes close to an end. What a year this has been!

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