To say the least

So to say the least, this weekend was one of emotion, and excitement filled ladies.  So this weekend was the women’s retreat.  There were around 600 women.  For me, I was a dining host, along with about 15 other people.  Work was busy, moving all over the place.

So for most of us here, we have been outside enjoying the nice weather that is rolling in.  Some people playing spike ball, and others skateboarding, and some just basking in the sun.  In the end, we are all so excited for summer, which is just right around the corner. As we prepare to make our quilt, and start to talk about what this summer will look like, we must stand strong, and press on to end the year.

Dylan Goorabian


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  1. Jjlm Ford says:

    Oh my! The photo is a great way to show that JWI can be about having fun, too!

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