Sleep Sleep and More…. Pine Needles!!!

This past week has been a week of recovery from Israel. Due to the 10 hour time difference many of us are suffering from the rare disease know as “Jet Lag.” The symptoms consist of waking up at ungodly hours in the morning, and falling asleep before evening speaker. Needless to say this it hasn’t been a very fun disease, however I believe we are all getting to the tail end of this sickness. On a brighter note in our imminent recovery we are approaching a period of time full of excitement and mixed emotion. The countdown has begun and we have 25 days left in the building. Its hard to believe that our time in this building is coming to an end, and while this is sad we all look forward to what is next. As we finish these last weeks of Joshua our days are filled not with class work and Philippians but instead with things like raking pine needles. The reason for all of the pine needles is a post Israel fundraiser. House owners contributed to our Israel trip in return for nicely raked lots in preparation for summer. We are also in the process of designing quilt squares, and we got our class sweatshirts!!

Hello to parents from: Michelle, Logan, Alli, Austin, and everyone else up here at Joshua that are not currently near the computer.

Thanks for taking the time to read into our lives!

-Luke, Antonio, and Alli


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