Good to be home at Joshua

Greetings Friends and Family,

After two straight days of travel we are finally back at Hume Lake and in the Joshua building.   Everyone is really tired and jetlagged (10 hour time changes are a killer) but we are all still overwhelmed by what we have had the opportunity to experience these past two weeks.   What a blessing to walk the Bible and see it come alive right in front of us.   I think every student would tell you that all the study and long hours of classes were well worth it and that they will never read the Bible the same way again.  As the director of Joshua I was so proud of the students with how they took every opportunity to soak in the teachings and make the most out of their time in Israel.  I hope that you soon get to hear the amazing life changing stories that came from this adventure.   Our desire as a staff was that through the blog you were able to catch a glimpse of what your students were experiencing.   As you can imagine the days were full with 6 am wake up calls, full days of hiking and seeing sites and then not getting back to the hotels until after 7 pm.   I personally wanted to take a second and thank the Joshua staff for their hard work every day to capture photos, audio teachings and make wrap up videos each day.   Chad, Bret, Jenna, Jen and Jenae went above and beyond to not only gather all the media but to then work at night to get it uploaded to the website.

I just wanted to acknowledge them and leave you an opportunity to post a comment about your experience following the blog.   Also if you use Facebook we would encourage you to click here and “like” GTI tours and leave them a little comment of thanks on their page.   Without them this trip would not have happened and we are extremely grateful for their partnership with Joshua.

Thanks again for following the Joshua blog

In Him

Rich Ferreira

Joshua Director

Chad (the video man)

Jenae and Jenna (photos and white-board)

Brett (photos and everything else)


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  1. Janette Barnes Pettey says:

    We are so thankful to all of you all for the hard work.. not only keeping all of our kids safe and sound, but also for all of the media so that we could experience a part of your days!

  2. Huge thanks to the Joshua staff for all of your hard work! God has gifted you all in different ways. Thanks again for all of the videos, pictures and blogs that were posted. Being able to see our kids via the blog made it easier knowing that they were safe and sound! I hope that you all have a chance this week to catch your breath and relax a bit…you deserve it!

  3. Reading the blog and looking at the pictures and video every morning were the highlight of my day. It was wonderful to follow along on your journey and to watch the students take it all in. Thanks for taking care of our sons and daughters and loving on them while they are away from home.

  4. Thanks to all who made this trip happen. The blogs, videos, and pictures were great as they allowed our family to share in the excitement Matthew and his Joshua brothers and sisters were living. What a blessing for all these young men and women to experience. I was impressed by Kelsey's presentation of "The Sermon on the Mount"! That was awesome Kelsey! Thanks to all the staff for your inspirational messages and teaching in Israel!

  5. Colleen Wilson says:

    Thanks to all of you for all of the fantastic videos, pictures and posts. I looked forward to the updates everynight. I don't know how you found the energy to post everything after your long days, but this mom sure appreciated it!

  6. Myriam Bourbinay says:

    JWI is blessed with such awesome leadership and staff. The blogs, pictures and videos were so important to us as a family to share my son's awesome experience. Very thankful and pray God keeps using all of you to make a difference in the lives of our youth for HIS kingdom.

  7. David Bourbinay says:

    None of my family members have ever been to Israel. Through the pics, video, audio, and daily blog those who are both young and old in the faith were able to take part in this experience in a very tangible way. Thank you for using God's gift to the extreme! We love you guys!

  8. Jjlm Ford says:

    We so enjoyed experiencing the adventures of this trip through the photos. videos, and writings. We thank the Joshua staff immensely for blessing us with this incredible opportunity. A special thanks also goes to Rich for his leadership & guidance. We are very grateful for you all. You have poured into the JWI students making a positive and spiritual impact in their lives. This year at Joshua will be with them always.
    -Jim & Julie Ford.

  9. Bj Schmitz says:

    Thank you all so much for the hard work put in getting so many bodies safely to Israel and back! I am so thankful for the experiences Kelly has had with Joshua. You guys did an excellent job keeping all of us back home informed of your activities, especially since you were living through those long days with the students. I was kind of worried about whether you would be able to keep Charlie and Janet Strong under control… Sounds like you all did a good job there too. Thanks so much!

  10. When I dropped off Sharon at the airport in Minneapolis I did not know if she would safely arrive at LA and connect on time with the group to travel on to Israel. What a blast I had, three day's later when I finally had a clear moment and decided to go and see if I could catch a glimpse from her at the Joshua site. To see the films and photo's and blogs, seeing my daughter actually be there made me so thankful! You did a great great job in filming and taking pictures to keep us updated and as a family we thank you SO MUCH for doing so! It was so professional and so well done and we enjoyed it very (very!) much :D

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