We’re making quilts

Oh hi there, dear followers of the blog,

I don’t think I have actually ever written a blog before in this year. I mean I have sat and looked at it being written, but I’m not that great of a writer so I’d rather have other people do it. But I guess I can’t run any longer and it’s my turn now. I am the foreign girl, who is rooming with Taryn, the Viselia girl. Morgan and Jordan are also helping with this blog, Jordan being from Texas, Morgan being from Narnia. Ok, maybe he is not from Narnia but he definitely looks like he should be from Narnia and I’m totally blanking on where his home is.

This week has definitely been different, not just because the pressure is on since Joshua as we know it in the building is coming to an end soon. But also because we finished raking pine needles, YEY! Not only that but the yearbook is almost finished! Several people but especially, Lainie and Taryn have been working very hard getting the book together while the rest was racking. Austin Rurik has been working very hard at trying to finish our end-off the year video and I myself was in the kitchen making food for the workers, together with Alyssa, Kelsey and Bella.
As of Tuesday we started working on the quilt. Making a quilt is a Joshua tradition. We fill it with different squares that share a memory from our year. It is then hung in the building for future years to see. Beth the quilting lady, who is amazing at doing quilts, has come up to help us with it and we are all brainstorming about inside jokes, learning experiences and other things that are just significant for us as a class. The ideas are coming but trying to put those in ‘ creative memories’, the theme of the quilt, and actually drawing it out and making it out of fabric is more tricky than most of us expected.

Curt and Rhonda have been our speaker for this week, they have blessed us by coming up and are teaching us about relationships. Not only with the other sex, but also with family members, friends and people you will meet in your life. They are amazing, especially since they are so personal with us which we as Joshua students enjoy very much. There are definitely things that I’m taking away from them, putting them in to practice with relationships that I already have and someday will have.

Tonight will be our LAST theme night. I’d rather not think about it being the last already, but Kelsey the cook has thought of an awesome theme. And being able to prep things with her, I know our ‘pirate-night’ is going to be a blast. I guess the biggest question we will be asking ourselves tonight is; ARRRRRRR you ready for a treasure hunt? I sure am. (I’m sorry I just really wanted to get the ARRRR in)

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, because I definitely had a fun time typing this out and taking it away again because I realized my weird jokes don’t always come across the way I want to when you type them out..

I hope you have an amazing day today, whenever you are reading this and I just want to remember all of you that God loves you and He sustains. (It’s true)

Love, Sharon Kersbergen. (Jordan, Morgan and Taryn aren’t here since there are actually working on quilt squares!)


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  1. Jjlm Ford says:

    As this time in the JWI building comes to a close, I can only imagine the mix of emotions. The many months you've had together have been an incredible ride for you all. I'll be praying for an blessed transition to main camp. May this summer season be your next, amazing adventure!
    -Believing the best for you all,
    Julie (Lainie's mom).

  2. Actually, Morgan is not from Narnia…he's from Middle Earth. Just thought I'd clear that up. I have really enjoyed reading the JWI blogs all year. Thanks for keeping up up to date.

  3. When reading the first sentences I though: Sharon could have been writing this… I scrolled down and… Wow do I know my girl or what ;)! I really enjoyed it Sher. It must be so fun to do the quilt and see it finished, what a great idea! All of you guys, have wonderful last day's up there and even more of those when you enjoy all you get to do this summer. I'm sure a lot of mom's and dad's are secretly very (very!) jealous – I know I am – Blessings from across the ocean :D

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