Joshua Reunion 2013

Andy Schmidt and Nick Zavala here hijacking the Joshua Blog! Nick and I graduated from JWI last year and have returned for our annual reunion, which took place last evening.  It was a strange thing to walk into our past home to see that it has now become the home of others, however it was a great thing to come back and remember all of the times that we had been through.  We thought of trips and speakers and even rules that we had broken during our time at Joshua.  We could say a lot about the things that we remembered and while it is good to remember we were asked to think about how we are making Joshua a part of our lives everyday. You may have heard the saying “Joshua begins when Joshua ends.” This is what we were truly reminded about.  How are we making everyday life Joshua?

As the evening wound down the current students started to return from their PAUSE families and we were all challenged to an Israel Prep quiz this morning; past classes verses the current class. The current students had the fact that they have been studying this for a year on their side. We had the fact that we have been to Israel on our side.  It was a very close race, but in the end the alumni came through! Let’s hope next year will be a three-peat!

JWI alumni signing off,  PEACE!… Or should we say SHALOM!

-Nick Zavala and Andy Schmidt


Click here for our podcast featuring Joshua Alums at our reunion.


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