Graduation is only 22 days away!

Graduation is 22 days away! Can you believe it? It’s true; it really is. This morning at our bi-weekly meeting as an entire class we began to talk graduation details. It was a bit surreal for many of us.

Week 6 has arrived and has left us just as quickly as it came. We have continued to have one-on-one’s throughout the week. We also have worked various jobs with the students at their respective department. Although we are more than halfway through the summer, the students are continuing to be resilient as they are learning the characteristics of service.

This week began with J.P. Moreland – author, speaker, and professor – speaking at church. He began to speak about “happiness,” confronted our contemporary definition of it, and challenged our cultural mindset of how seeking our own pleasure and satisfaction is a worthy. He showed that is an utterly useless pursuit and is contrary to the teachings of Jesus (Matt. 16:25).  It was the fuel for a great conversation at our weekly Fire Pit time at Rich’s Tuesday night. To conclude the week, students participated in various departmental events this Saturday such events included: a progressive dinner, 4-wheeling, BBQ, go-cart racing in Visalia, seeing the new Batman movie, and a ka-ja-bi-can-can tournament. Fun was to be had this week.


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  1. Laurie Taylor-Hamm says:

    Congrats Joshua Students and Staff! What a Glorious Day! Praying that each and every one of you take the lessons God intended for you and move out into the world to do His work.

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