We’re back!

We’re back! After successfully completing the academic portion of Joshua, the students have returned to Hume and have been working various jobs around camp getting it ready for 10 weeks of summer! Before this blog goes any further, I must say it’s a special day on the Joshua blog with very important changes that need to be communicated to you all. We have just transitioned into the summer portion of the program therefore, we as a staff will be updating the blog from week to week throughout the summer. So this is Chad, the Men’s Resident Director, making this first summer blog possible.

This week began with snow (Crazy!) and ended in 85-degree weather. As inconsistent as the weather has been, the work ethic of the students has been anything but that. From working in the administration office talking to parents about Medical Release Forms to hooking up electricity for the men’s summer staff trailers, the students have consistently set an example of a hard work ethic as the new summer staff has been arriving. Each morning before work, us as a staff shared a 30-minute devotional with the entire class encouraging and reminding them of the things God showed them this year and to not forget them as they enter into the summer.  A highlight of the week was an 8-mile hike on Wednesday in the Redwood Canyon we did as a whole class together on their day off. As we walked amongst the immensity of the sequoias, we were reminded of the greatness of God and His creative power and deep concern for us.

We are excited as we stand at the verge of summer camp starting and watching the Lord work in our lives as He transforms the lives of others.

Chad Rosell


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  1. Thanks Chad love the updates. Its hard for these parents not having a number to call kids at. Feel disconnected. Better now that your updating us. I wonder what Joshua parents did before computers and facebook. lol

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