Week 1 Summer Update!

Hello friends and family! This is Kelly filling you in on what has been going on at Hume this past week. For those of you who I haven’t met, I am on staff at Joshua and have had the privilege of serving as the women’s Resident Director this year (and let me tell you, these young women have challenged me and taught me more than I could say! They are truly amazing). Yesterday marked the completion of week 1 at camp! If you are unfamiliar with Hume, during the summer months, time becomes marked by which of the 10 weeks of camp it is. At the beginning of week 1, we were all excited to see the countless buses roll into Hume and to watch camp become swarmed with enthusiastic campers. After being here through the fall, winter, and spring, Hume feels “alive” right now after experiencing the snow and the off seasons. This morning in church, after we heard from Jerry Root, we got to see the “recap” video from week 1 where campers shared how God worked in their lives at camp. The recap videos never seem to amaze me at the work God does here and always seem to jerk tears from the staff who pour in the countless hours to make this ministry happen. This reminds the staff why they are cleaning toilets, emptying trash, washing dishes, and cooking food day after day. It’s for the sake of the gospel, so that campers can come to know Jesus. Praise God that they do every week!

For me and the rest of the Joshua staff, we have the privilege of meeting up individually with the students this summer to drink coffee or share a meal together and hear about what is going on in their lives. It seems that for our students, week 1 has been focused on figuring out the “norm” in their jobs and schedules, but also in their new community. Almost all of the students that I have talked with have shared that they are getting along well with their new roommates and are thoroughly enjoying summer. This also includes figuring out how to work with their new work crews, embracing the good and learning to love thorough the challenges (God always seems to give us someone or something that is difficult to love, right? :)). As God is working in the campers who come up for camp weekly, it is evident that God is continuing to work radically in the Joshua students’ lives as well. They are continuing to grow as they are thriving and being challenged individually and uniquely in their new roles. (Pictured above is Daniel, working in the Ponderosa Hume’n’Beans… one of my personal favorite places to purchase from in camp!)

It is a joy to watch these growing young men and women live out the things God has taught them this past year…in everything from waking up early to spend time in the Word, to setting an example of what it means to work hard. Be praying for our students as they are being stretched and spreading the love of Jesus! Let week 2 begin :)


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