Two weeks left in the building!

Greetings from Hume, California Here we are with two weeks left in the building; it feels like just yesterday we were meeting each other for the first time, and now here we are getting ready to leave. It feels like a dreamy blur. This week was filled with pine needle raking goodness and we loved every moment of it, well almost every moment. Thankfully, though, after even raking needles in our dreams, we conquered the pine needle beast by Wednesday afternoon. Our hard work is being rewarded in the form of milkshakes, boat rides, and a day of overall relaxation. Our beloved staff members are kindly making our sugary treats as we speak (or type). We are so excited to spend the day in community with one another, as our Joshua year comes to a close. This time is bitter sweet for us all as we are transitioning out of the Joshua building. As we move forward with life, we take with us the example and wisdom that our speakers and catalysts have given us. Especially this week, we have had the privilege of learning from the faithful life of Jim and Shirley Cook. Through stories of leopards, communists, and basketball teams we have learned valuable applications for our lives. They have poured out their hearts to us, and have been a big encouragement to us all. The Cooks have been an excellent example in how to live a Godly life. Well, the milkshakes are calling our names, and we must go. Farewell lovely people. Alex, Jess, and Bry


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