The Beginning of the Last Chapter

Heartland month one: We had known each other for one month. Our fearless leaders were in Asia. Most of us were feeling disgruntled.  We had barely begun the long journey of becoming echad. It brought to light exactly where we were in combined maturity.

Hartland month nine: extra tasks done without complaint. Enjoying our last days together in this unique world of Joshua.

Here is what happened this time around. We split into crews along with our good friends the Boy Scouts of America. Our partnership with Hartland has been growing for a couple of years now, and serving there has been a significant marker in our Joshua experience. This service trip has a way of revealing our growth and weakness. We pull together without complaining or arguing, with a joyful attitude with a marked difference from our first trip.  The ways we will need to grow in the summer are also painfully exposed. Joshua is not over yet.

Tonight: We reflected back on the year of becoming one; colorful stories of meaningful moments.  We shared descriptive words on our growth together and our growth individually. We planned out the logistics of carrying on community with the added opportunity summer presents.  With this anticipated freedom comes the testing of slowly integrating back into the “real world”.  We shared three words to describe what happened this year.

My (Rebecca’s) three words to describe my year are patience, reveal and inspired.  Why I picked “inspired” is because I have been inspired by two things specifically; people and God’s word.  Seeing people live out the Shema has encouraged me to live out what I say daily.  “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul with all your strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. “

While this ends the scholastic part of the year, there is still much to experience. We need to carry on what we have learned to the end. Joshua begins when Joshua ends.

Check out the Hartland wrap-up podcast: Click Here



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