Deep cleaning and night of remembrance.

Well this is Austin Bailey and Michelle Le Laurin, writing our last blog in the building. Right now everyone is currently working on deep cleaning the building. We have to get it back to its hotel status before summer starts. These past couple of days have been fairly hectic with all of the preparations of moving out. Summer is so close especially in seeing our new summer housing. There is mixed emotion in leaving the building. We are sad to be moving out of our giant rooms, and living next door to our friends. But we are also excited for the chance to make new friends with the summer staff and no more school work. Those of us who are not taking an extra course through Moody are excited, for some of us, well…we still have one more class. We do not know exactly what to expect for summer, but we do know that it will be a gradual transition back into the “real world.” After all of our fun cleaning (not really), we will be heading down to our Pause families to tie together the final pieces for our Night of Remembrance. Our Night of Remembrance is a chance for us to remember all the crazy things we have done and learned this past year from Wildwood to classes and everything in between. Our memories will be shown through music, videos, and skits, it is going to be a fun night. Tomorrow we will be leaving bright and early for our last trip. Hartland. This place has mixed emotions as well because of trees, bees and ladybugs. Let’s hope we do not have to see any helicopter lifts or bee stings. But we will be returning as a closer community this time so hopefully it will be a lot better. Thanks for following us this year on the blog. We will be returning home soon and will fill you in on everything else that has happened. Austin and Michelle


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  1. Laurie Taylor-Hamm says:

    This time has flown by – happy for you all! It has been wonderful following your trek though the Joshua experience. Go into your next adventures safe in the knowledge that our God IS good!

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