JWI has left the building

Well the trip to Israel is finally here and we spent the day making our way down to LA so we can head to the airport tomorrow around 5 am. Of course it wouldn’t be any fun if it didn’t snow a foot before we left. Sort of funny that it was really cold on our way out and soon we will be heading to the heat of the Middle East. Check out the link to the interactive map that shows you our travel down to LA. We are going to try and update something like this throughout the trip so you can see where we have been. Tonight we relaxed for a few hours at our hotel and then went out for some dinner and one last chance to buy supplies from Target. The plan now is to try and get some sleep before our big day in the morning. Continue to follow our trip and enjoy the audio interviews from JWI students on what they are looking forward to as we head to Israel.


Click Here to listen to students thoughts about going to Israel.



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