So you might have noticed when you logged onto the Joshua website that it has changed a bit.   We are excited that the new site has launched and believe that you will like a lot of the new features.  One that I think you avid followers will really enjoy is the newly designed news page.   This is set up to have a newspaper feel and is your one stop shop for all the latest information that is going on at Joshua.  You will easily see who the upcoming speaker is as well as the current book we are reading, latest blogs, tweets and our next mission’s trip.  You will be able to click on each area and receive more information pertaining to that subject.

There is also a new webcam icon you can click on that has 4 cameras with one new one that is in our great room.  While the site is live we still have a lot of bugs to work out so give us a month or so to sort out the areas yet to fully be active as well as the minor issues that will arise.  Also, like we said in previous posts, once we get the website dialed in we will be launching a new Joshua app for your iPhones and iPads.

The other piece that is really fun is we have begun recording our own Joshua podcasts.  We converted an old closet into a make shift recording studio and will be trying to come live to you each week with a 30 min segment on what is going on in the program.  Bellow is an intro paragraph to the podcast as well as a link to our first ones.   Continue to explore and enjoy the site.

Take care

Rich Ferreira



Hey Everyone! We are excited to introduce the newest part of our Joshua Wilderness Institute website…the Podcast! We will be periodically featuring a podcast where we interview students, speakers, staff members, etc about the program, trips, book discussions and much more. Tune in to get the most updated information and exciting news!

In this first podcast we interview two of our very own, Jen Manlief and Rich Ferreira about Preview, Romans, the new technology of Joshua and what’s going on around the building.  Tune in to hear the interviews and a song written and sung by some of our Joshua Students for the Joshua Christmas Pageant! Enjoy!

Joshua Podcast Intro



  1. The new look is great! However, I can’t listen to the Guest speaker recordings. I’m assuming this is one of the “bugs to work out”. If anyone else can play them, let me know! I’m praying for everyone as you go to serve in the D.R. God bless you and keep you!

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