Winding Down

We are down to the last wire here at Joshua. We’ve got but one and a half weeks left and so much has already happened. Last week we spent the first three days raking pine needles from the homes of cabin owners down at main camp as a class fundraiser. It was nice laboring under the warm sun after five months of freezing temperatures outside. Along the same note, we have all been taking advantage of the warm weather by having picnics outside during meal times, and playing and exercising outside during free time. We also started on quilt squares for our class quilt. We had our last pause family last week, worked our last weekend until summer, and are getting ready for our last trip to Hartland this weekend.

Our speaker for this week is Jim Cook, a descendant of James Cook. This week he is teaching about prophetic, archaeological, historical proof of faith in Christ, and on the last day will be learning about the world of Jihadists. So far, his talks have been great and he has also shared his great adventurous stories of his childhood in the jungles of Northern India. He and his wife have been a great encouragement to us because they have been together for over fifty years, well advanced in age, and still serving others with all their time and energy.

We’ve got a lot of work to do including our last section in Corinthians, along with a section test and project to work on, and are trying to take as much advantage of our time together in the building for our last days. It is a bitter sweet time as some early starters have already started packing to go home and others are trying not to check out. Nonetheless, it is great to be back, working on the quilt, reflecting on the meaningful events and lessons that we have experienced this year. We have become a family and it is tough seeing this year wind down to an end. We have been through the good and bad times together and will hopefully still continue to invest in each other after the program.

We thank you family, friends, and other followers for keeping with us and supporting us through your time and prayer. As we reflect on this year, a thought that continues to encourage us is that we are all part of a puzzle. We each have a story of our own, but are made more complete through our relationship with each other in Christ. There is still more to come, so stay posted for more news and updates.


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