Israel: Last Day and Then Home

Hey family and friends! This is Tyler here writing to you all from our hotel on our last moments in Israel.  Today we had a real relaxing day being able to walk around the city of Jerusalem and visit sites.  We started off going to the Mount of Olives where we got one of the best panoramic views of the Temple on the Mount.  It was interesting because we were given a picture of what transpired in the past and what will come in the future with our Lord.  We were given time to spend alone in the olive garden to pray and sit in quietness.  From there we walked the Via Dolorosa which is the cultural path people believe that Jesus walked when he was walking to his crucifixion.  After that we went to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.  This church is claimed by six different Christian believing bodies.  Inside is the place where people think Jesus’ body was crucified, laid down, and then put to burial.  It was far beyond crowded inside by people who believed the closer they got to each site, the closer they were getting to the presence of God.  Leaving there we then were given the option of walking the streets of Jerusalem in a small group to shop at all of the vendors and souvenir shops to buy things for ourselves and family; many of the guys bought shofars while the girls got skirts.  After walking the streets we then were able to walk along the top of the city walls of Jerusalem and pray for the people of Israel and peace in Israel. (click here to view photos from our day)

We headed to our final sight of the History of Israel Museum where we got to see some of the replicas and pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  We got to tour the museum at our own pace and look at all the artifacts that were found and read about the history of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  That sums up our amazing final day here in the Holy Land.  As we are all getting ready for the airport and packing up everything, I know I can talk for everybody when I say we all can’t wait to be home and see all of our family and friends.

(click here to listen to Brad Bell speak at the Mount of Olives)

(click here to listen to Joshua fill the halls of Saint Annes Church with their beautiful voices)

(click here to listen to Rich wrap up our time here in Israel)

(click here to listen to Derek and Jona’s wrap up)

(click here to listen to Marissa and Cheyanne’s wrap up)

(click here to listen to Nathan and Tyler’s wrap up)

click here to follow in the steps of Joshua


4 Responses to “Israel: Last Day and Then Home”

  1. Lisa Betz says:

    Our family looks forward every day to this blog, we enjoy it so much! I’m sad that the trip is coming to an end. We will be praying for a safe and speedy trip home. Love, Lisa, Scott and Nick Betz :)

  2. Can’t Wait to See You!!!
    Love it! Great job to all the bloggers, twitter-ers, photographers, videographers, editors, and stay-up-laters! You guys did a fantastic job!
    Rich! Thanks for the shout out in your wrap-up, we love you too! Hope your flight is going smooth!
    <3 b?ks, Ellie, Jaron, and Ronen

  3. Brenda Wauson says:

    Fabulous stories, commentary and photos! Thanks for sharing your trip with the folks back home! It was special for us and obviously life-changing for you!
    Love, Brenda and Greg Wauson, Avid Blog Followers (and Jesus Followers)

  4. G-ma and G-pa says:

    Sounds like such a spectacular, wonderful trip and we have enjoyed reading about it! It helps us feel connected to you and not be so worrisome. We can’t wait until you arrive home safe and sound! Can’t wait to see you and we so look forward to hearing all about this marvelous and inspiring adventure you have been on.
    Hugs and love to you.

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