Wraping up the year (a few of the students thoughts)

Zach’s thoughts on the year

way-zachHello, top of the morning to you. Right now I am sitting surrounded by the sounds of vacuuming and the smell of cleaning supplies. It is the last full day here, and we are starting the process of deep cleaning the building. For most of us the reality of Joshua coming to an end has just hit, and it hit hard.

Last night we met with our pause families. For those of you who don’t know- “pause” is every Thursday night, it is a chance for us to get out of the building and to get away from Joshua for a little while. It is also a chance for the staff to get away from us as well. At the beginning of the year we were divided into small groups of 5 to 6 students per family, and we stuck with that family the whole year. A typical pause night starts at about 5:00, the students head down to the families house- and the night begins. Usually we have an amazing meal cooked for us, otherwise we head down the hill. Eating is usually followed by snacking and coffee, which is followed by games, talking, and a lot of laughter.

Every year, at the end of the year the pause families get together for something we call “Mock Rock” (click here to see some photos from the event). The families and students pick out music for the Mock Rock, and then have to come up with some sort of skit, or choreographed dance. The pause families practice, and pick out outfits to wear. Once we figure out the music, then we have to come up with the dance moves, or the skit. Most of us were dreading it. But by the time we were over, it was all worth it.

Last night was amazing, after Mock Rock was over, the thought of leaving, and the fact that the end of Joshua is here- finally clicked. This brought back many memories of the year. We had an amazing time this year; each and every one of our lives has been impacted greatly. Speaking for all of us, it has single handedly been the most impactful, most stretching, growing, trying, difficult, and the best year of our lives. We have learned lessons that will stick with us for the rest of our lives. We have made decisions that will have a permanent affect on our future. We formed deep meaningful relationships with people who (though even separated by many miles) will grow along with us sharing in friendship as we grow up, and grow old.

There are many lessons and themes that have greatly impacted me. These things cannot merely be listed on a blog, or typed up on a page; these lessons need a bigger canvas to be written on. A heart would seem like a perfect place for all of these changes, lessons, and decisions to be written on. All of these things I am sure will have their chance to play their part somewhere throughout the years of my life. And maybe one day I can pass it all on, and it will continue to give.

Not to be clishé, but Joshua motto has been proven itself this year. “To transform the life effectiveness of God’s people”. This is simply because of the work that God has done in each of our hearts. God has worked through the staff, the speakers, our classes, our teachers, the fellowship, the trips, and personal devotions.

I wish I could express our gratitude towards everyone who had a part in Joshua, whether you supported us for Israel, or poured time into us. For our parents, and those of you who helped to pay for Joshua. –Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Joshua would not happen without God working through you.

Praise God from whom all blessing flow- Zach Way

Thoughts From Rachel

stugart-rachelMock Rock was last night; we had been highly anticipating it, and dreading it for about a month. It all started by picking out songs. Each family chose anywhere from 1 to 7 songs, splicing them together and making a story or a memory from the year out of it. We started out the night with the Davies and Schulers’ Pause family, with Jake, Will, Tom, Ashley, Brittany W., and Brianna. Everyone participated in the love story that ensued, even the newborn Schuler- taking sixth. Then, the Shelton family shocked the class and everyone else with their dancing mania, Dennis as the wild card of the group. Courtney, Nicole, Hailey, Tim, Kevin K., and Ryan added their own little spice and took second place! The Plouffe family joined the hall of Mock Rock fame with Brooke, Rachel, Dan and Nathan, dancing and reminiscing to “One More Time”, taking fifth place. The Hartman family came next, with Camille, Tabby, Brittany C., Kevin G., and Zach, telling the adorable story of Rachelle Dewitt and how she fell in love. They took eighth place. The Griffin and Cornford families were next, their students being Chelsea; George; Jonny; Jenni and Stephen, telling several love stories and endearing the crowd with Floyd’s ukulele playing to his bride earning seventh place. The Butler family, including Mallory, Hilary, Josh, Paul Greg, and Noah, entertained the crowd with a mix of music from “The Sound of Music”, even having the youngest, Abby playing a guitar and singing. They wooed the judges and got third place. The Moore family was next with TC, Amanda, Megan, Carter, and Russell. Their idea was ingenious and they won over the judges as they imitated each staff member’s van on trips, stealing the coveted trophy from last year’s winners, the Whitlings. We laughed as the Nelson family brought Jared, Julie, Chris, Scott, and Dom to the stage, re-enacting several memories from the year. Their place was ninth. Then the Mulls (who were gone, actually, so the students adopted Heather Gleason for the night) showed off their family, Bryan, Grace, Jeremiah, Hannah, Stephanie, and Clark who wooed us all with a beautiful love story ending in the death of all six students, at the hand and light saber of “Rich”. Their group took tenth place. Lastly, the Whitlings defended their title with Heather, Keoni, Christy, Jason, and Brad, their place being fourth this year, even though they included the infamous Skeleton song. The night came to an end with weird “prizes” and lots of laughs. People came out of their shells and the crowd rolled with laughter. Then, it came to an end.
Many people went to their Pause Family’s home to remember the year and all that it entailed. We looked back on the good and the bad, the giggles and whispers, the tears and sorrows, the trips and the chores, the staff and the students, our new family. But we look forward to the next phase of life, the new opportunities, new experiences and new family to be met along the way. There is nothing that could replace this year in our hearts, nor the lessons we learned nor the people we met. It is an unforgettable history of how God picked out 56 people from a crowd of hundreds to become more like Christ here this year. Many of us will be here at Hume for the summer in various positions throughout the camp, and may will be going home to love on the communities that need Christ there. We would all appreciate prayers in the months to ensue because, as Rich never ceases to remind us, “When Joshua ends is when Joshua begins.” We all have high hopes for moving forward for Christ, bringing the lost sheep into the pen, and falling more in love with Him who gave us life. And, simply because we are parting ways, following different paths, we are still family in the Bride of Christ and we still need the other parts of the Body. So in Christ, thank you from all of us. Your support has been inconceivably impactful and the Joshua class of 2008-2009 is moving forward with that power into the world, all for the glory of the King.


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  1. Hey Everyone!!! I just wanted to say congratulations to all of you! I know how difficult and rewarding the program can be, and the fact that you stuck with it until the end really speaks for all of you. Tomorrow you graduate, and although you may have been looking forward to that for months, now that it is finally here you wish you could make it last longer.

    Now is when the real test begins, what are you going to do now that you are going back out into “normal” lives? Remember, Joshua begins when Joshua ends.

    You are all in my prayers, and I wish you the best luck.


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