Days 4 and 5

So the hotel we’re staying in now, doesn’t have internet. As you can imagine, that’s made it difficult for us to keep the site up to date. So sorry for the delay, but here’s what’s been going on for the last couple of days.



George, Russell, and Stephen here. Jesus once said that you need more then cistern water to sustain you; He said you need Living Water (Miam Chiem). Well today that spiritual application was given a new face: “you need more than yogurt to sustain you”. Too soon?
Today was a big big day. We hiked Masada, swam in En Gedi, and scaled Qumran.
Masada was amazing – it’s the site where a small group of about 950 Jews fled to defend themselves from Rome after the Jewish revolt. The Jews were willing to die for their God. Masada teaches us this lesson: if we’re not willing to fight for something, we don’t deserve it.
En Gedi was a beautiful oasis in the Negev (the desert). At En Gedi Rich asked us, “will you be content with this much of God (as Rich picked up a handful of water), or do you want the all of God?” Rich jumped into the water and reminded us that there is as much of God as we want. Christ is our living water. How much do we want? And how willing are we to go after it and find it?
In Qumran we climbed (really we hiked, but there was no path) up to the monument that the last two Joshua classes began and added our own rocks with prayers we wrote on them. At the bottom of the mountain Kevin Gerber compared the Hessians and their seclusion to our own purposeful seclusion at Joshua. As a class we agreed that we’re essentially different because we plan to take what we’ve learned back into the world whereas the Hessians were simply planning to stay to themselves.   Click here to check out some photos from our day, or click here to see past blogs.

Josh, Hannah, and Julie

Joshua, Hannah, and Julie

Mount Arbel was the first stop of the day. We had to climb over high rocks holding onto barely anything! We started out walking up a hill with flowers and weeds, passing by goats and cows. Next we reached the vertical point of doom. We had to climb up, sideways, down and every direction you could think of, but when we made it to the top it was definitely worth it. This was a place where people used to go and just sit in silence with God. We read passages about prayer and what that means, and then we got into small groups and prayed with each other over things in our lives. It was amazing to sit on the edge of the cliffs and talk to Jesus about anything! Next we went to Mount of Beatitudes, where we sat and overlooked the Sea of Galilee and read The Sermon on the Mount. It was super rad to get to sit there and visualize Jesus talking to His people. We got to picture the birds of the air and the flowers of the field as someone was reading the scriptures. After the Mount of Beatitudes, we went to Chorazin and walked through the synagogue, and the houses of the people. As we sat in the “living room” of Chorazin Rich gave his talk about community. He talked to us about how God has each one of us here for a reason. It’s hard to imagine that all of us were specifically picked to be in this program together, but God chose us. Sitting in God’s land it made it easier for us to picture how He has a plan for each one of us. Looking around we realized just how much we truly need each person here in our lives at this exact moment, and it brought tears to many people’s eyes. It was an incredible feeling for us all. Our final stop of the day was Capernaum, the town of Jesus. Here is where we saw where Peter resided, and the remains of the temple where Jesus taught. Overall today was another amazing experience, but now its time for us to swim in the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus walked on water!!  Click here to see some photos from our day, or click here to check out past blogs.
Over and Out,
Julie, Hanna, and Josh

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Click here for day 5 map.


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