Day 8

The Theater At Ceaserea

The Theater At Caeserea

Greetings from Zach and Mal here in Caesarea! We started out the day overlooking Nazareth and the Valley of Armageddon. In our view to the left, we saw where the Catholic Church believes is the Mount of Transfiguration. Then made our way over to Mt. Carmel, where we read 1 Kings 17-19. This is where Elijah told Israel “If God is God-choose Him, if Baal is god-choose him.” All winter long the speakers for winter camp spoke on this very passage, but sitting on Mt. Carmel really made it come alive. The day ended in Caesarea right along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. We had the privilege to sit in the very room where Paul gave his defense before being brought to Rome. One of the best parts of this site was reading Acts 12:19-23, and realizing we stood in the spot Herod was eaten by worms over a 5 day period! BUT the best part of the whole site was the chance we had to look for pottery on the side of a hill… many of us came back with things such as Roman glass made from abalone, shards of pottery, and even a few handles from jars and mugs!

One of the things that God has been teaching me throughout this year, through the teachers, classes, trips and my fellow brothers and sisters; is this simple saying “leave more than bones”. This is the first time I have been able to put it into words; I came up with this here in Israel. The saying is reference to the Romans, all that they strove so hard to accomplish, and all that they left behind was bones and coins. We are called to live for God, to be a light and reflect Him wherever we go. If we fail to do this effectively, all we leave behind are bones. We are children of the King, we are called to live like Him- for Him.  Click here to check out some photos from our day, or click here to check out past blogs.           – Zach Way

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And now for a special message for Allan Schuler.

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  1. nick billingsley says:

    hey rich and Joshua students I hope you are all having the time of your life right now taking in all that is around you hope that this experience will put everything in perspective like it did for me.

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