Time to say goodbye

img_5995.JPGIt’s crazy how fast 9 months can go by.  It seems like just yesterday 56 new faces showed up at our building ready to start the Joshua program.  Since that time we as a group have been to San Francisco to build houses with Habitat for Humanity, Mexico to work with a school for the deaf, Pine Valley Christian Conference Center to serve alongside their staff, LA to do inner city work with the homeless, Las Vegas to do street evangelism, and Israel for two weeks to see the Bible come alive first hand.  If that wasn’t enough add all the Bible classes and different speakers and you have an amazingly full year.   Yet the sad part is every year after experiencing all these things together we come to that point where it is time to graduate the class and say goodbye.  This past Sunday this year’s class left Joshua and headed back into the real world.   Like I have told them all year Joshua begins when Joshua ends and the true test of their time is what they do when they leave Hume.   Well the halls in the building are quiet for now but we look forward to the next group of students who will soon join this family we call Joshua.   Feel free to read the past blogs from the students talking about what they have learned or click here to see pictures from this year.

Take care

Rich Ferreira

Joshua Director



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  1. stephen Argo says:

    Oh I can’t wait to come and experience the goodness that is Joshua. Only three months!!! Congrats to all of you who graduated. May God use you and everything you’ve learned from the program!

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