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img_9540_copy.jpgWe just arrived at the airport in tell Aviv and we already miss this place. Our entire trip was over all Amazing yes, with a capitol “a”. We made it to each of our destinations safely, and thanks to our tour guide Marty we all have really enjoyed our time here. It ‘s hard to summarize our journey in the short window of time that I have right now, mainly because we are all, each of us, taking away something different. However, I think I can share one thing on behalf of my Joshua class that we learned and will carry with us for the rest of our lives. With out writing a book, that one thing is simply how immensely important it is to understand the roots of our religion. The visual aid combined with how much time we spent in scripture did exactly what they said it would…it brought the scripture alive. I want to say hello on behalf of my class to those of you who fallowed along with us from home, hope you have enjoyed the photos and such, make sure and slip a thank you to Rich and the staff for all their hard work. Click her to see pictures from our journey or here to see past blog posts.
Now, for the twelve hour flight…YES!
Autumn Brooke Huffine (listen to my and Sabrina’s thoughts on the trip)

Listen to student thoughts from:
Adam and Brad
Erin and Mailie
Megan and Sarah (Butter)
More songs from the trip

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  1. Doug and Carol Fullen says:

    Wow, what an amazing adventure. Thanks so much much for sharing it with us through the vidoes, pictures and speaking. Rich and the Joshua staff, we as parents are so blessed with your ministry and how you have opened the doors of faith to our children and us. As we heard from Ben last year, going to Israel was like being in a swimming pool and having the bottom dropped out and finding yourself in an ocean. The more we learn and exiperence from God, the more we realize how great He is.

  2. Carol Frankenberger says:

    It might surprise you to hear me say this, but this has been the greatest experience of MY LIFE…and I didn’t even get to go! Daily walking with you through pictures and audio clips and knowing that my daughter was having her world rocked by God to the point of never being the same, has impacted me deeply. Thank you, Rich, and many thanks to All of the Staff and the photographers! Also a special thanks to Marty for driving home the deep meanings of God’s word through the
    ruins of Ancient Israel. God bless you and protect you as you journey home.

  3. Wow you guys. Is this going to be put on a DVD for the students. Heck for the families even. You, Rich and your crew really know how to bless us families waiting back here in the states. We loved being able to follow your walk through Israel and being able to hear the students themselves and what they were seeing and learning helped us to see what they were seeing.
    Being a Mom, I have started putting together an album of sorts with the picturs from this trip using the blogs to tell the story. Now all I need to do is get the scripture references from where you were reading to put on the pages with the pictures.
    Our family around the world was following the kids walk and have all been blessed to the point that some family is talking about trying to take their own hike through Israel.

    Jeff, we can’t wait to hear your voice on the phone telling us what you saw.

    In Christ’s love, Myra Hofer for the family

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