The LORD is One

Every morning we start the day with a devotion, a prayer, and the Shema. The Shema is a Jewish prayer consisting of the greatest commandment, “Hear O’ Israel, the Lord is our God – the LORD is One…” For the both of us God used the tail end, The LORD is One, and revealed it in our day.
Our first hike for the day took us up to the North Eastern region of Galilee called Gamla. The ruins were once a city built by Zealots, Jews who stood for God through the sword not the Scriptures. Holding their Creator as “numero uno” was “muy importante”. Their passion for God was strong and is a powerful example of obedience.
After our hike into Gamla we drove North to Caesarea Phillippi. The area was covered with lush plant life and beautiful water falls. In Matthew 16:13-16, Jesus has taken his disciples up to a group of Helenistic people who worshiped Pan, half man and half goat, the Greek god. To say the least it was a corrupt place and now here he asks his disciples the question, “Who do you say I am?”
Next we traveled to Tel Dan a tribe whose ruins showed their inability to hold God as their Lord. This site drove home our point of having the Lord as our One. Their disobedience took them further from where God originally put them and further from the other tribes. They ended up worshiping a golden calf and completely losing sight of God.
Our last site was a current archaeological dig of a Herodian temple, Omrit. This six story building was found in 2000 after a fire exposed a piece of the temple that was hidden by brush. The reality of all this history is still being found and there is still more to be discovered about the past of Israel and their stories in the Bible.

Daniel LaPoint and Kellie Mendenhall (check out our thoughts about the day on audio)

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5 Responses to “The LORD is One”

  1. It has been SO great to be able to come to this blog each day! Listening by audio and seeing through your photos is a delight and allows us to get a peek into the glorious, amazing adventure you all are experiencing. Enjoy and savor your finals days!

    Praise The Lord! The Lord is One!

    The LaPoint Family

  2. The Harer Family says:

    May this trip impact you all for the rest of your life as you search the Holy Scriptures and see where Jesus and His disciples walked…How valuable these lessons are that we are hearing about…you are actually seeing the reality of God’s Word and the history of His people. We wish we were there, too! Miss you, Mark! Love, Your Family

  3. Cheryl Maita says:

    Jaqui, Just so excited for you that you’re able to be a part of such an awesome experience…walking where Jesus walked! It’s been so great checking each day and following along with what you all are doing and seeing! We love you and miss you so much! Love, Mom, Dad, Robby and Anna

  4. Parker Family says:

    Daniel, what a delight to see all of you enjoying adventures in the Holy Land. How fortunate you all are. The family is enjoying all the fotos, etc. that Karley and Allen are putting together so that we feel we’re there with you. Actually, we are there with you through our prayers, lifting you up throughout our day. I know you appreciate this blessing. I love you, Daniel. Know His peace
    “Ma Parker”

  5. Carol Frankenberger says:

    Okay, Sarah. That’s it!! We are all going to Israel now! Me, Eric, Tom, Karina, Aunt Janette and Darleen! We are so amazed by what you and your friends are so blessed to experience, that we are eager to have the same blessing. You are learning and you are growing and I praise God that He opened this door at Joshua for you to walk through. Lord willing, you will never be the same!

    I love you amd I’m praying for all of you every day, every day, every day!!
    ~Love, Mom

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