Shalom from Israel

drivers.JPGOur days here have been big, and the lessons we have been learning and the application to life has been bigger. Today’s weather was an answer to our prayers; the breeze was cool on our weary bodies. We went to Nazareth today, and made our way through the wheat fields. The difference with Nazareth compared to Galilee and a few of the other places we have been is that it is completely different then it was around two thousand years ago. It is a bigger city, the fields were nice, and I loved seeing a big long line of my family trailing down the way; throwing wheat “rockets” at each other. I have been realizing on this trip how much being a part of the Joshua family is a blessing in my life. We have also added to our family on this trip with our bus drivers Duran, Egal, who have become such a big part of our trip. They have such amazing personalities which make getting on the bus so fun. I had a funny thing happen with Duran, because at one of the hotels his luggage got delivered to my room and I didn’t know it. Well he was looking for it for over an hour and he was frustrated, I finally figured out that I had someone else’s, and now it’s a funny thing he jokes with me about, and he keeps asking me why I would want to try to wear his clothes. I hear Charlotte and Bri constantly quoting him. Ronny and Boaz, our Israeli tour guides have been such a blessing. They have such knowledge about every location; they really add so much to this trip. Ronny’s name means joy, and happiness, which is so evident in any conversation or bus ride with him. Speaking of bus rides; we have learned a song a wonderful song that hopefully you will all hear. The moral of my story and the lesson I have learned today is that anywhere you can make family, and that family will always be a part of you. Today with our new family, we had the second annual Usa vs. Israel soccer game, which was another great opportunity to hang out together. That has been one of the best things about our time in Israel is all of us being together as a family. Click here to see pictures from our trip or here to see the past blogs from our trip.

Katy Danger Bernheisel (listen to my thoughts below)
Listen to Salem and Jake’s thoughts on the trip
Here is a talk from today as well as the Joshua students singing at the Jordan river


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  1. Bryce Maness says:

    For all those who went into the Jordan I have seen the pictures ans slide show of the baptisms in the Jordan, and all I can say is…Lucky! O.k. so this might be a little out of place, but.. so.. how is all of your skin, like that of a baby’s maybe, no just wondering. O.k. For my sister Sarah, (though you may all refer to her as mailie) I am praying for you and your trip, I hear that you broke your toe, sorry. I know that this has got to be the greatest trip ever, I envy you in this, but I hope that all goes well obviously a little better; I love you sister, and may The Lord God continue to bless you. Your so cool!

  2. grandma & grandpa W says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    We are so enthralled with the photos, mini
    sermons, etc. We are SO thankful that
    the Lord gave you this trip. I didn’t know
    I could write – know you’ll get it when you
    come back. The Lord is so good to us!

  3. Grandma & Grandpa Rallens says:

    Hi Jaqui and All,
    We’ve been looking at all the awesome pictures of your journey. Seeing first hand all the areas where all that is written in the Bible really happened. Wow! It’s good to see you’re smiling face and I hope your shoes are holding up! You can tell people that you played soccer in Israel too.

    We miss you and look forward to seeing you and hearing about it all.

    All our love,

    Grandpa & Grandma

  4. Dear Joshua family,
    God has revealed Himself to us here at home and we have wept tears of joy while following your journey through Israel. Many thanks to you Rich for your leadership and to Marty for the biblical insight and teaching. Thank you Karley and Allan for the amazing photography. You have captured the beauty of this country and the spirit of the group. Thank you Joshua students for your heartfelt song at the Jordan River reminding us of Psalm 5:11. What a special group you are! Precious Erin, we can hardly wait to hug you and celebrate with you at graduation. May the Lord continue to bless all of you and keep you in his care. Love, the Royer family

  5. We have been following the trip of the class as they walk through Israel. What a wonderful way for us parents to take the journey with our children. It also helps that we can hear their voices too. Seeing the students in this manner is a true blessing. Stills the mom’s heart in me to be able to see our son and his classmates. Some of the pictures say it all in their experssions. What a priceless gift for us families. Thank you Rich for doing this for us.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip. Looking forward to reading the students comments when you get back.

    In Christ’s love, Myra Hofer, Jeff’s mom

  6. Cheryl Maita says:

    Jaqui, WOW, how cool is that…playing soccer in Israel!!! You GO Girl! Made me cry! I love you and and so excited for you! We are all praying for you and the whole Joshua group…I’ve got practically the whole church praying for all of you! Love, MOM

  7. Ashley Johnson says:

    you guys are awesome! Keep pushing on. I was listening to the blogs, looking at pics, and reading and it all reminded me of last year when I went. Right about now, and every day for that much, I was so tired and weary. I know how you feel! Your body just wants to rest for like a week and not move. But keep going! It is so worth it. Sometimes I was tired I just wanted to go home and have it over with, but right now, I would LOVE to be there! So keep on going and be nice to the RA’s and Rich! :)

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