Hello from Jerusalem

img_9266_copy.jpgToday was our first day in Jerusalem, and man was it a crazy day. We were all over the city, around it, and under it. Our day started with a trip to the Temple Mount. We went to the Wailing Wall and prayed alongside the Jews. They pray at the western wall because, when the temple was still on top of the Temple Mount, the Holy of Holies was closest to that wall. The Jews pray there because that is the closest they feel they can get to God. Since we have Christ in us, we don’t feel as if we have to be there for God to hear us, but it was a good reminder of the fact that we worship the true living God. After visiting the Temple Mount we traveled across the way to Hezekiah’s tunnel. It was incredible. We traveled underground through the waterways. Another highlight of the day was the Mount of Olives. It was not what we had expected. We had assumed that the place would be a grove of olive trees yet it was a bit different. You see, it is written that when the Lord returns the dead will rise first from the Mount. So, the eastern side of the hillside is crowded with the graves of thousands. As we stood on the Mount and looked east we could see the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock. The Temple Mount no longer belongs to the Jewish people and the Dome of the Rock, a mosque on the Temple Mount, is a constant reminder. Today was almost unreal, we ended the day singing worship songs in Saint Anne’s and visiting the Holy Church of the Sepulcher, the place where many believe that Christ was crucified. Jerusalem was more than any of us could have imagined. Tomorrow will be bittersweet as we spend our last day here and then head home. Click here to see pictures from our trip and here to look at some of the past blogs we as a class have written.

Matthew Veccio and Ariel Weddle (listen to our thoughts of the trip)

Listen to the Joshua students singing in Saint Anne’s Church in Jerusalem


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  1. Dana Solomon says:

    Sitting at this computer has never been so meaningful as these last ten days of following your travels in Israel! How incredible to SEE you being baptised in the Jordan river….I’ve watched that BIG,BIG DAY over two dozen times, with atleast a dozen people who adore you…weeping all over the keyboard. Then today,as you sang at Saint Anne’s we sobbed again…ah, the greatness of our God! Enjoy your final day to the fullest, oh, and PLEASE leave Israel’s reptiles in their native habitat. xo Mum

  2. Bruce and Bonnie Fleming says:

    That music was the most beautiful sound that I have heard in a long time. What an awesome thing to sing, “I Love You, Lord,” in Jerusalem. Oh, I wish I was there with you!!!! Thank you a hundred times for posting all the blogs and pictures. It has been so wonderful to journey with you from my family room. I have had a great two weeks, trust you have, too!! Best wishes and many prayers for a safe trip home. I love you, Johnny :)

  3. Parker Family says:

    The singing at St. Anne’s was beautiful! I have a million questions about things in the pictures (esp. the Wall)I am sad that the trip is almost over. What an amazing (to coin a Joshua word)experience. What a blessing for you all. And my words are so small after all you have seen and done. So many of our prayers have been answered, yet we continue to pray for all of you. Have safe, uneventful travel home. Daniel, we love you. Mom
    I love the flower pictures scattered throughout the slide shows. Thanks.

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