Bree and Mitch wrote a blog…and we love Israel!

img_0535_copy.jpgCompared to our other days of rigorous hiking and strenuous climbing, today was a relatively calm day. We said our final goodbyes to Nof Ginosar hotel and headed towards Megiddo, our first stop of the morning. Marty taught us all about how the final battle on earth (the battle of Armageddon) was going to take place in the fertile valley we were seeing spread out below us. Armageddon comes from the word Har Megiddo, which means in Hebrew hill of Megiddo and is where we get the word Armageddon from. . It’s the second oldest city in the world, and it was amazing seeing the stables of Solomon’s horses and the incredible water system they created under the city without any tools or technology. We headed towards the coast of the Mediterranean Sea to see one of Herod’s castles and the Roman aqueduct. Being by the ocean is absolutely my favorite place to be. It reminded us of being at home at the beach but it was the Mediterranean Sea. Crazy. Herod’s castle was destroyed and pushed into the sea, so it’s still possible to find pieces of the marble in the sand. We all got to find marble mementos to take home to remind us of how great Herod’s castle once was, and how something once so great so easily fell. Things here on earth don’t matter. We sadly left the seashore and drove inland for a long time towards Jerusalem for the next part of our trip. Now we’re here in Jerusalem at the Grand Court Hotel right in the midst of Passover. We’ll see if us crazy Americans can stay out of trouble for the last leg of the trip. Click here to check out pictures from our trip or here to see past blogs. Shalom!

-Bree &Mitch (listen to our thoughts below)
Special thanks to Daniel Parker for all his work recording and editing all the audio talks


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  1. sandie maness says:

    The pictures today were as wonderful as always — Mailie we were all a little “sad” to not see you today! We pray that your toe is not causing you any “slow downs” We have been praying that you will all be able to “take-in” all that God has for you during your time in Israel. Just think passover is on the 20th. We are sure that all of Jerusalem is buzzing with the hum of remembering the great freedoms we have — for us, that is, the blood of Christ. For your Jewish family it is the great escape from salvary. You are in our thoughts! Rest well! Boo, know you are loved!

    Mailie’s mom

  2. grandma & grandpa W says:

    We are in awe – just watched another video.
    You are at Mt. Carmel – heard the two voice
    messages – good thoughts. I hope you have
    taken some photos – not too many – spend your
    time taking it all in.

    We love you,
    Grandma & Grandpa W

  3. sandie maness says:

    You have all just finished day one of your journey through Jerusalem. Wow! It is our prayer that today and again tomorrow all of you will hear the voice of Christ — so clearly within your spirit! Mailie, dad is preparing for passover here and he can’t wait to hear and see God all over you! It must be bitter sweet…. in a few short hours you will all arise for your last day of your trip into the heart of God — Israel’s precious soil. Breathe deeply. He is, after all, the air we breathe! May you all be “richer” as a result. Now, wasn’t shoveling all that snow worth it all?

    I love you, Mailie! The pedicure bowl is a waiting!!


  4. Kimberly Hughes says:

    Wow, How wonderful of a blessing it must be for you all to be in Israel. Such an honor. Much blessing to you my brothers and sisters at joshua. I am always praying fo you. I hope the rest of your journey through the beautful land of Israel and Joshua is only the best.
    Because He is More Then Enough

  5. sandie maness says:

    Joshua gang!
    I know I wrote this morning (9am our time and 7pm yours), but the video and pictures did not post here until noon. I have wept on and off since. Oh, to be able to pray with God’s chosen. I did not see any of the women from Joshua at the wall. Were you not allowed? Again the photos and video slide show — simply amazing. How will you ever be able to come back to California and “lust” after man made things after being in such a holy place? Our prayers are now on your safe passage through this last day of your stay. We pray for safe flights, rest, and no lost luggage. Take a moment to hold each other close before you leave Jerusalem. Christ said, “Oh Jerusalem, how I long to gather you to me as a hen her chicks.” (Maness paraphrase) Don’t miss the opportunity to gather each other…. after all, you will only have two short weeks left to learn the lessons,and develop the character God planned for you to gain from being in each other’s lives.

    Because He is……

  6. Brian and Barbi Lapp says:

    You are amazing, but we already knew that.
    We are so glad to be able to “experience” at least a little of the adventure with you. Do you realize that this is a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life? Incredible. How amazing to be able to go behind the scenes at all of these historic places with such amazing Biblical significance. We love and miss you.
    Dad and Mom

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