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Today was a BIG BIG DAY! Nice and hot and how could we forget, HUMID! So we started out our day at Mount Gilboa, which was where the Philistines gathered in the valley like locusts to take Israel, who were camped on the mountain. The story is in 1 Samuel 28 and it talks about how the Israelites were outnumbered and Saul inquired the Lord but didn’t hear anything so he disguised himself and left Mount Gilboa (where we were standing!) and snuck across the valley of Philistines (which we were looking at!) and went to the mountain of Endor to consult a witch. Basically the witch brings up Samuel and Saul pretty much gets his death sentence and goes back to Gilboa, fights, and he and his sons die. They got nailed to the walls in Bet She’an (where we went later!)
After that we walked down a little ways and stopped at a stream. This stream was called “The Stream of Harod” which happened to be the one where Gideon brought his men down and the Lord told Gideon that he had too many men in his army to fight Midian. So the Lord told him to take the men down to the water and depending on how they drank they would be kept in the army or turned away. It was pretty crazy looking at it and imagining all this strong men lapping water in their mouths before they headed off for a battle and now we are puny tourists looking at the crabs swimming by and playing with rocks.
Then we went to the middle of nowhere and saw he backside of Mount Gilboa, walking up a hill through a WIDE gate. Continuing our walk we went to an overlook and all of our jaws dropped muttering a few Holy Cows! We were overlooking the capital city of the Decapolis, Bet She’an. It was amazing work of human architecture and ruins. We found out how the pagans had everything and the disciples from Capernaum, Bethsaida, and Korazin had really nothing to offer the Gentiles there and the only thing they could offer was their story of how Christ has affected their lives. After that we went to Susita another Decapolis city and found out how one man’s story changed the face of the city forever when he told them how Christ drove the Legion of demons out of his body. Our last stop was the Jordan River, wait what did I just say? Oh ya, THE JORDAN RIVER, where we did baptisms. It was amazing and we got to see our brothers and sisters make that proclamation of a life of obedience to God and then get dunked in the rushing Jordan River. So cool! Then after that the rest of our Joshua class jumped in and felt refreshed from a long day of walking. We sang a song together and then headed towards the bus. Another amazing day in the Land of Israel.
Jeff and Sarah Dean (hear our thoughts about the trip)
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  1. Ashley Johnson says:

    Wow guys. I am so excited for you! I remember last year when our Joshua class went to Israel and I got to be baptized in the Jordan River by Rich. Talk about a memory. I will always hold that moment close to my heart. I am so excited you had the chance to do this. I will be continue to be praying for you guys. Love you guys!

  2. Marilyn Vecchio says:

    Hi to all of you and of course, especially Matt. We have a huge group who have been who have watching and reading every single thing posted. Thank you so much for this, it really helps us feel connected and a little like we’re taking the trip with you. We all send our love and Matt- let us see your beautiful smiling face more often. Love, Mom, Dad and the Matt Vecchio fan club

  3. sandie maness says:

    Mailie and Joshua Gang: Hats off for the wonderful photos! It is a blessing to see the glory of the Lord on your faces. I agree with Matt’s family, we all are on this site looking for the one we love so, Mailie. Boo, your father is now offically “hooked” on this site! Tonight is family nite, so Cythina will “bowl” in your honor. We love and are so proud of you all. You are in our prayers. Mailie’s family

  4. sandie maness says:

    P.S. Mailie We have played your message a few hundred times. :) Thanks for calling!

  5. Baptized in the Jordan river – what an incredible, emotional, spiritual experience to have and share! The pics and slides shows and narrations help us feel connected too – so much! We too, have a whole little group in several states watching and listening! What a treat to see you smiling in the pictures-ha! Love and Prayers to all, another “fan club” – this one of Jeremy Wildoner! (and Kurtis and BJ too-we need to see ya more, BJ!)

  6. kathi mase says:

    Well…I’ve watched the baptism at least 3 full times now…really an amazing blessing to see each one baptized into the Lord’s death, burial and resurrection…may you each walk in newness of life and be overcomers:) We’ll keep our eyes glued for more good stuff coming out of Israel. Joy and Kar it was a great experience even from thousands of miles…Caleb…I loved “seeing” you baptized too.

  7. What a joy to see you being baptized in the Jordan River. I know this was a life-changing experience for you. See you in 2 weeks.

  8. Parker Family says:

    Amazing – I can’t think of a more perfect place to be baptised than the Jordan River! So much His-story. This will be something that you will remember forever. Daniel, I’m so proud of you and your experiences there – love to hear your voice on the audio, but stop hiding from the camera. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Praying for you daily. Love, Mom

  9. Aunt Janette Poston says:

    Rich and Staff,

    Thanks for putting all this together so that we can part of this amazing journey with you.

    I can’t wait until you get home Sarah Dean and we can hear all about your experiences.
    We love you and miss you…

    God Bless all of you and keep you safe.
    Aunt Janette & Uncle Pat

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