Transforming the life effectiveness of God's people

Joshua students are ready to do whatever it takes to serve the Lord with their whole life. They are willing to look at any area of their life that isn't meeting that standard, and bring it in line with spiritual and personal discipline. We guide them through this process with biblical classroom curriculum, local and international missions, and day-to-day life in community. Read More

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Rondi Pogue

Rondi Pogue

God used the Joshua Wilderness Institute to transform my life. I left the program understanding my purpose in life and my worldview... Read More

What is JWI All About?

The motivation for attendance should be life effectiveness, through an increase in wisdom. When students come with that goal in mind, God uses the community to shape and develop the individual. Each one takes home a measure of transformation proportional to his or her individual drive and desire to be more like Christ. Read More

Classroom Missions Community
“Joshua changed the way I view myself and the way I impact the people around me. It equipped me with the tools to make a difference in my community.“ Tim Wiseman, Class of 2010
“Joshua taught me how to be more intentional with my faith and my connections with people. It also taught me how to listen to God and rest in Him!“ Brian Peet, Class of 2010
“Joshua taught me to pursue God's will for my life, especially when the time comes to make an impossibly difficult decision. I learned to recognize the prompting of the Holy Spirit, and developed the integrity to act upon it.“ Dan Marino, Class of 2010
“Joshua was an unparalleled experience that has changed my life forever. It showed me that even though we can't always feel God's presence, he is always there and always gives us enough to get through.“ Josh, Class of 2011